Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Advertising + = Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Advertising + = Search Engine Optimization

search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an important part of internet marketing and occupies the two pillars of search engine advertising and search engine optimization. If done properly creates search engine marketing for visitors who are looking for your service or product.

Search engine marketing is successful websites accounted for 80% of the targeted website traffic. More quality website traffic means more sales. To get the most profit by investing in search engine marketing.

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What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is a derivative of Marketing:

“Marketing yourself can define you by optimally satisfy the needs and specific wishes of (potential) buyers to put best products, and services.”

Translate this definition to search engine marketing, it is important also to the consumer or customer to focus here. What are his / her needs in this case are in Google.

search engine optimization
Search engine results met the needs of the seeker

The 4 P’s in search engine marketing


Your website and your results in Google represents your promotion. Make sure that your website conveys who you are, what you offer and what the benefits of your product or service is for your buyers. Your website is your shop window or showcase your business card and marketing tool of choice to convey your marketing message to your customers and prospects. Therefore make sure that people can easily contact you record.

Product / Service

You sell something, a product or service. It is therefore important that you bring your products in beautiful image on your website and thus in the search engine. Your services you may be able to image in a movie company. In short, give your products the necessary attention to your website. This is your chance to explain what’s in it for prospects to buy your product and why.


Just like in a regular store like people like to see prices or have an indication of what something costs. Be transparent to customers, they still will be compared. Convince your customer what is your added value. Customer Reviews thereby often do a lot to convince prospects to their purchase.


The spearhead of search engine marketing is the P in the marketing; place. How do you ensure that consumers find your website? In what place is the website if you are looking for the right keyword? How to make your website easier to find?
Strasburg Mark is an expert in search engine marketing and has already helped many customers better findable websites and webshops. Customers have seen double their sales and we have new and better converting search traffic to websites to conclusion.

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Search engine marketing support offline sales!

Do not overestimate the power of better visibility. These days everyone is looking through Google for the most basic points. A navigation system does the rest. So a baker, painter, lawyer, optician, pet shop, cheese shop search has become commonplace. Are you at the top of Google then you get that patrons inside. Are you not? Then you have your sales in recent years seen calving. Turn the knob and invest in search engine marketing.

search Engine Advertising
Good search engine ads in response to the query

search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising is a part of search engine marketing. With search engine advertising is meant to advertise using text ads within Google’s search or Bing. Successful websites, 80% of the traffic in through search engine marketing. The ideal ratio is 40% by SEA (paid) and 40% through SEO (unpaid), 20% often enter through email marketing, social media and other. How is it with you? How many visitors, inquiries or orders you get a day? Search engine advertising is a major source of targeted website traffic!

Why advertise businesses with text ads?

Search engine advertising is an effective and quick way to get high in the search results. You pay only the click of a user on your ad. By buying your preferred keywords can lead quickly relevant traffic to your website. These include well-written and concise ad copy. In a properly fitted and logical website or shop can these visitors might be tempted to purchase!

Search engine advertising offers a wealth of useful information!

Within the search engine advertising are easy to measure advertising campaigns. You get direct insight into the number of clicks on the ad, the number of impressions your ad and the position within the search results. Within search engine advertising, you can test for you which ad performs best by showing several variations evenly.

Gain insight into which keywords are profitable

When you learn a few months advertising with Google AdWords or BingAds you quickly what search terms you are profitable and which are not profitable. You can also drop the charges you pay for clicks from the sales you realize.

Search results close to the search

Use information from the advertising for SEO.

In addition to search engine advertising is search engine optimization (SEO) is a way to get high in the Google search results and BING. You can learn the lessons you advertise with search engine directly apply in your SEO strategy. To optimize the visit to your website.

Search engine advertising outsource or do it yourself?

Advertising Programs for search engine advertising like AdWords Agency and Bing Ads change almost weekly their advertising options. We recommend that customers who wish to advertise through search engines, consider carefully whether they themselves are proficient enough and want to make time for.

It probably cost you more time and money to himself to learn all the possibilities. In addition, we have seen that many customers in the beginning a lot of costs due to lack of knowledge. Expenses you could save by outsourcing your search engine advertising. Basically you had been profitable more quickly by engaging a professional agency. And you had your time to spend on your primary process.

Strasburg Mark since 2008 expert in search engine advertising, our consultants are AdWords Qualified Professionals. Not for nothing. Training is essential in view of the rapid changes within AdWords. In addition, we get as Search Engine Marketing Agency support and assistance directly from Google in order to achieve the maximum results for our clients.

search Engine Optimization
A full statement inspires confidence and provides answers to all questions

search Engine Optimization

You have just searched for search engine optimization and you came to us. We would like to demonstrate this effect what is search engine optimization. You searched for the term search engine optimization and you come to Strasbourg Mark Suchmaschinenoptimierung Bureau! Would you also realize that for your company? Good, or better findable on important keywords?

Why is search engine optimization so important?

The first 3 results within Google are often the Google AdWords ads. Then the so-called organic results. At these positions, the websites according to Google best match the query the user. The more relevant the page, the better it fits the search, the higher the position in Google. By far the most website traffic enters through search traffic, so whether through search engine advertising (paid) or organic (unpaid) search results. Together accounted for 80% of your website traffic! The rest comes through social media and other channels.

Search Engine Optimization pillars

Pillar 1: Keyword Research

The first pillar in the search engine optimization process is thorough keyword research and keyword research. This is the foundation of good content. Here we go as SEO agency that you are using the right keywords in your text, the title of your pages, you “clean URLs” etc. Are these the keywords that your customers or prospects to find you? Keyword research is heavily underestimated. It is assumed here often too little time. Keyword research is the foundation of good search engine optimization.

Pillar 2: Good Content

The second pillar for good search engine optimization …
The first question is: Is your website with sufficient keyword rich text? Did you use the correct search terms that your customers or prospects on search. So it is less about the question you would like to be found as well on the question of where people / companies / prospects to look for when they need your product or service hebben.Dit is an art, here come the needs of your customers to the look angle. Your website texts must therefore marketing technical, action-oriented and search engine friendly are written.

Pillar 3: Link Building.

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine MARKETING Optimization and equates to search engine optimization. Link building is an important part of the search engine optimization process. It is important that toelinken other websites to your website. You ensure that there is a certain amount flowing into your website. Want to know more? Read more about link building.

Pillar 4: Website technique

The fifth pillar for each website: supporting the content through the proper techniques. Technique without error and optimal design so Google understands what the website is about. For example, you measure your website traffic by means Google Analytics? If you use an SEO friendly CMS system? Is it up to date? Is the loading time of your website fast enough? All tech niche business where you yourself probably do not know anything but which are very important for a search engine friendly website or web shop. Web designers build a website to make it work technically, we grow with the web builder website to attract visitors and sell!

How do your competitors in the SEO expert field?

You will now see the importance of a good traceability through search engine optimization for your business. So in addition to all of the above you must be wondering how you are doing compared to your competitor. Is your competitor too busy with SEO? If so then you’ll probably need to invest more in a well-optimized site, both on content level and technical level and also in relation to link building.

Do it yourself or outsource?

Search Engine Marketing is a profession, actually are the four different fields. Both for the Search Engine Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, SEO copywriting and link building has Stra Mark specialists to help you get the most out of your website. Please contact us for no-obligation analysis of your website or Adwords account.