Seo scan engine marketing (also known as ‘SEO’) is the instrument of choice to create your website in search engines easier to find. By optimizing your website for Google potential customers can find your way to your business much easier. Search engine marketing (SEO) and link building are nowadays also very interesting to use for business purposes. Google search engine plays a major role. This search engine is used by 98% of the Dutch.

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Companies that want more customers, now look beyond traditional forms of marketing. In the digital domain, there namely alternatives that are not only cost effective, but also have a higher return. Search engine marketing is an excellent way of example websites easier to find and thus potential customers to get in touch with a company. A major advantage of search engine marketing is also that the results are more measurable than regular marketing.

How does search engine optimization?

Within search engine marketing can distinguish between two different methods. First, the structure and content of a website can be optimized for search engines. This website will eventually score better in search results. Another option is to place ads in search engines. Because 98% of the Dutch Google uses, it is wise website optimization and ads to create this search engine.

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In search engine optimization (also known as Search Engine Optimization) the structure and content of a website to be optimized to obtain a high ranking position in the search results. If a search term regularly reflected in the text on a web site, a search engine like Google understands that the website is relevant to people searching on that term. The website will then be placed higher in the search results, which will inevitably lead to more visitors.

search engine advertising

Search Engine Advertising (also known as Search Engine Advertising Agency) means that for relevant searches an ad is shown above or next to the organic search results. It should pay to be there for each time a visitor clicks on the ad. The keywords can be managed with the popular online advertising program Google Adwords.


Although both methods have their specific advantages, they are most effective when they are combined. Where there are in search engine optimization Some time goes before the desired result is achieved, there is a website in search engine advertising directly at the top of the search results. However, every time someone clicks on an ad, a fixed amount to be paid, while adjusting the structure and content of a website less cost entails. By combining both techniques, optimal results can be obtained with as many visitors into customers are converted.

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Seo scanWebton in Hengelo, the famous search engine marketing agency in and around Twente. The company already has more than 600 customers achieved impressive results in the search engines, which it has made a major contribution to the influx of potential customers to the websites of these companies. If you are interested in a top position in Google, please feel free to contact our marketing specialists.

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An extremely cost effective marketing method is therefore to advertise in the organic results.

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On-Page Search Engine Marketing Tips:

Build your website for visitors and not for Google. Google is getting smarter! Google search engine spam content (using excessive keywords) tempted to higher positions is a method which in 2011 still worked. Not anymore! For the visibility in Google is a website about building an art. Try to imagine what the visitor is looking for your website. So write your visitor and write your texts not for Google. If the visitor finds your site interesting they will stay longer on your website, come back often, share your page through social media, etc. etc. In short, Google will eventually appreciate your website better.
Content is King. Google search engine value most to text on your website. Google may look difficult in images, so make for unique written content. Copy no texts from other websites, how tempting it sometimes too! Google denounces namely duplicate content. You can only make your website visitor to provide adequate information when this current is uniquely written information. Therefore, work with a CMS so you can easily refresh your website.
Update your website. Google attaches great importance to websites that are lively and often update their content. So do not refreshed weekly your website with news, you run big chance that your competitor can do so slowly in your picks. Again: only write unique content. Would you like to post a news item that was released by another site? Fine, but then rewrite the article before placing it on yours site.
Search engine friendly CMS. We come they still often, Content Maganement systems that are not search engine friendly. Our preference is for WordPress, an open source CMS system which is considered very good by Google. You then do not have to worry about things like standard ‘titles”headings’en’ descriptions’ well can be set. It is also in WordPress easy to install a plug-in that allows you to share news through social media.
Graphic attractiveness. A visitor stays an average of 9 seconds on a website. Val your visitor does not bother with pieces of text, but with nice graphics, infographics, instructional films, virtual tours and customer testimonials. These are aspects that do reduce ‘bounche rate. A bounche rate ‘(also called’ bounce rate ‘) of 40% is pretty. 60% of visitors than looking beyond the first page of your website.
Responsive web design. In Dutch, “a scalable website. Make sure you have a website that has all the different screens (mobile, tablet, laptop, PC) appear correctly. The website visitor can always navigate your site regardless of the screen on which the site is displayed. This ensures longer visit times on your website and more importantly, no frustration! Do not choose separate mobile version of your website on a separate extension ‘m.domeinnaam. The value of Google is then spread over your regular URL and your mobile URL. You also have a chance to duplicate content.
Rich snippets. These are the famous “stars” that are often shown in the search results. Customer Reviews. The moment your customers evaluate your services with five stars then this has a positive impact on potential customers. ‘The Feedback Company’ such company is against you for a small fee customers can load rating in your website. An additional advantage is that the stars are automatically in your AdWords ads. This directly increases the conversion of your paid ads.
Webton care at this time for more than 600 companies top positions in Google search engine. Also connect you with the Webton family in search engine marketing?