With increasing competition in the Internet and the increasing sophistication of both search engines like Google and users, it also becomes more complex to find professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out processes of search engine optimization (SEO) with guarantees. You know what these knowledge and skills you should look for in an SEO expert?

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In the coming weeks we will publish a test would allow evaluating these online skills and make them available to all the SEO community. Like everything in this sector of online marketing, this document is in constant beta, since SEO needs evolve rapidly. We hope you and to guide you with your suggestions and comments we can keep improving this document.

Due to market developments and new needs arising in it, it is increasingly difficult to define necessary for an expert SEO develop its work in a successful manner competencies, which in turn complicates the selection and hiring of professional most appropriate to achieve the objectives of the company.

Its goal remains the same: to achieve attract qualified traffic to a web positioned optimally for those terms most relevant to the search business.

If at first the work was only sort code on our website and get our keywords appear in the content, today need to do much more. We’re not in vain in the universal market more competitive and we have never met, Internet.

What is the role of an SEO company? SEO expert responsibilities encompass work on technological infrastructure, marketing and content of a website in order to improve the performance of the website to optimize both face seekers and users.

The best SEO is he who, although Google disappeared tomorrow, will make your website better for users. Today the SEO has changed from a mainly technical profession to be a profession closely linked to marketing and business that has a direct impact on a company web results.

You know what demand when hiring a professional or SEO agency?

If your company has an online project, SEO can help you get more out of your business. What should you ask a SEO profile to make sure they can reportarte results? As we said, you must have technical skills, creative and strategic planners.

However, not all projects are equal and this “ideal” SEO masters perfectly all fields of knowledge raised, it is difficult to find (and probably very expensive) so it will be necessary to assess what is the ideal profile for each specific situation.

To find out if a professional is junior or senior and help decide the appropriate return, we organized the advanced skills required in basic (simple but essential), socks and.

Knowing the web and the Internet is essential knowledge, but as we have seen, not only for SEO. At various stages of the project we need 4 branches or profiles:

To conduct a successful and targeted optimization will always be necessary to define a strategy that will materialize through a well managed project. It will handle a strategic SEO.
It will be necessary to maintain control and accurate analysis of all metrics influence it. Know how to use the tools offered by these metrics and analyze correctly the data obtained will be, among others, some of the skills required by the SEO analytical.
We can not forget that projects are targeted to users. All knowledge that will allow the SEO expert to get the most out of the “power of the word” we include them in what we have decided to call SEO creative.
Finally, all this would fall on deaf ears if the SEO expert is not able to “speak” the same language as the search engines. To optimize a website and to understand how search engines do their job and html programming skills are needed, which dominates the technical SEO.

IN BRIEF: A skilled SEO professional who is looking …

improve the performance of a web page in search engines
develops for it a solid strategy and well-founded
manages the project within which this strategy is effective
ensures the success of the project by contacting all ‘stakeholders’ involved
without forgetting the focus on users
and business goals of the page for which you work.
We help you select the best SEO for your project objectively.

It works purely technical knowledge related to ranking algorithms used by search engines to crawl and define the position to be occupied every website.

Are the foundation that will develop any strategy. Any website must meet certain technical requirements to get the most out of the content of the same face to the search engines. The SEO expert should not only meet these requirements but understand and be able to implement them by himself if necessary.

The increased complexity of this set of competencies is based on the requirements are not always the same, but depend on the algorithms used by search engines to index and classify the content they find on the Internet.

These search algorithms are not public and often change, which requires the SEO expert solid foundations on these skills, a great capacity for learning and adaptation as a crosscutting. You must have appropriate sources of information for changes and make consistent evidence to know how search engines behave at all times.

For example, you should be able to understand various parameters to optimize the HTML code, but must also understand how different servers and change their parameters via .htaccess

Basic Level
Middle Level
Advanced Level
technical seo

HTML tag: <title>
Knowing how to identify and optimize appropriately HTML title tag.

Knowing how to identify and optimize appropriately HTML tag <img> to get the most out of the images.

HTML tag: <meta name = “description”>
Knowing how to identify and optimize appropriately meta tag ‘description’.

HTML tags: <h1>, <h2>, <h3>
Knowing how to identify and optimize appropriately HTML header tags <h1>, <h2> and <h3>.

Barriers indexing
Knowing how to identify the various barriers that may prevent proper indexing website.

HTML attribute: rel = “nofollow”
Being able to identify elements with this attribute and know their correct use.

In this branch of knowledge, involving all the skills they require to SEO expert to be able to make the most of the content of our pages, or even generate such content if necessary.

Do not forget that SEO work should be focused on the users of search engines. These users always conduct their searches using written words and the results of the search will be offered to the greatest extent in the form of written text.

The SEO professional should be able to identify which words are used by the user when searching for specific information, provide such information in the optimal way to be useful and attractive for this and rightly lead the user through the website once you get thereto.

Basic Level
Middle Level
Advanced Level
creative seo
Keyword Analysis
Being able to identify and analyze the most suitable keywords for a page or website.

To analyze the behavior of Internet users use search engines and visit various websites have many tools and data used.

The SEO expert should be able to use properly the tools that let you extract data, analyze the data, associating them with appropriate metrics, understand the meaning and impact of these metrics and finally providing an accurate and appropriate interpretation thereof.

The amount of data a user generates when browsing a web page can be quite large and analyze such data is not always trivial. In addition, misinterpret them can lead to wrong actions irreparably damaging strategy. Finally, the tools used often require extensive knowledge of them to be used correctly and make the most of them.

These data and their analysis will allow us to gauge whether our efforts are making adequate success, otherwise, reroute them in the most appropriate way possible, defining our strategy with the smallest possible margin of error.

Basic Level
Middle Level
Advanced Level
analytical seo
Basic use of Google Adwords AgencyAnalytics
Meet the Google Analytics interface, such as implementing GA and get basic information about this tool.

GA: Identifying metrics
Knowing all the Google Analytics metrics and their meaning and impact.

Interpretation Webmasters Tools
Interpret and analyze the data obtained from the various reports offered by Google Webmasters Tools tool.

The difficulty of organizing increasingly advanced strategies, which involve a greater number of parts of different areas, which may have a greater impact and increased economic impact, make the person responsible must possess specific skills that enable you to develop these strategies and manage projects that are executed effectively.

This body of knowledge is probably the most transversal of raised, requiring the SEO expert to be able to cope successfully with many situations which involve professionals from varied backgrounds.