I’m SEO specialist SEO companies that find it difficult, do not have time or do not like.

Do you recognize these things?

Scoring your webpages bad in Google Adwords?
You have no idea what is happening with your online business?
Do you struggle to get customers through the Internet?
I care that you get more traffic to your website, more applications and more customers. And you thereby very happy. I do so for more than 6 years with extreme passion. People who know me know that I am crazy about the subject SEO specialist and I go to the extreme for SEO success of my clients.

I have looked at several aspects of search engine optimization and online marketing including: link building, site engineering, site optimization and content marketing. I read a lot about it, am aware of the latest news and test many things.

Google changes

Google has done in 2013 to 890 updates its algorithm. As a SEO specialist is necessary to keep up with these developments. Otherwise I can not give my customers good advice.

Some background about myself

I started in 2008 as a SEO specialist

A website get high in Google without any experience: that was my goal (I read at that time a lot about SEO). For this I needed a free customer.

The first free client for which I did was search engine optimization company in “staging.”

I realized for this customer a top 3 position in Google for the keyword “staging” and a number 1 position on the keyword ‘staging + post. That was a nice success for a beginner. The SEO expert was born.

After a few months I got paid clients and I became more and more SEO expert. Fast forward to 2014, I am SEO specialist and content marketer for a fixed base customers.

Content marketing is the last years into it. At SEO hear content. Otherwise you do not SEO. Whether you need to be a technical SEO there, it can.

Luckily I find content marketing as fun as SEO. I believe in the power of content to be easier to find and to get more customers.

More visitors on your site

More traffic (website visitors) to create a website I find very cool. Sometimes you realize with a simple technical tweak a huge traffic increase. That is very beautiful and valuable.

Sometimes you do it with content, links and keywords. That little slower but also goes that his successes. And if you combine all that’s even better and more valuable. It depends a bit on what the customer needs.

How do I proceed?

I always do before an analysis. I usually have an idea of which direction it is heading, but a good analysis is required. Otherwise you can not make policy.

After the analysis, I go to work and I do what is needed. Each client has its own SEO Strategy problems. One has technical issues and the other needs a content strategy. Fortunately, I have so much experience that I have a holistic view (disgusting word but I use it anyway) have on SEO.

If you want to know more about it please contact me or visit here on my product pages.